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                  Things Indian - Free Classifieds (Baby-Sitter, Nanny, Room-Mate and more)

                  Welcome to the free classifieds service of ThingsIndian. From this page you can place free classified advertisements on this site. You can also browse the ads for free. Select what you want to do:

                  View Classifieds

                  Step 1: Choose category of ad.
                  Step 2: Choose type of ad. Select "Wanted" if you are looking for people who want some service or something. Select "Offering" is you are looking for people who are offering some service or something. Offering
                  Step 3: Click to show ads.

                  Submit Classifieds

                  Note: When placing ads,
                  • Please make sure that you enter all required information correctly.
                  • Please do not place your ad in the wrong categories.
                  • Note that ads will be displayed at the discretion of the web-site owner. Though ads will be displayed as soon as they are placed, they may be removed later if found to be in bad taste.
                  Step 1: Choose category of ad.
                  Step 2: Select expiry date for ad. This is to ensure ad "freshness".
                  Step 3: Choose type of ad. Select "Offering" if you are offering something for sale or offering some service. Select "Wanted" if you are looking for something. Offering
                  Step 4: Enter ad details. Include contact information like a phone number or e-mail address here.
                  Step 5: If you want to be informed when we delete the ad on expiry, enter your e-mail address here. This is optional and this is NOT displayed in the classified.
                  Step 6: Click on the button to submit your ad.