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                  Home > Indian Cooking and Recipe Web-Sites

                  Indian Cooking and Recipe Web-Sites

                  Indian cooking is a fine art that involves the subtle combination of various ingredients to create dishes that are truly sublime. Different regions in India have evolved different forms of cooking based on historical influences and available ingredients. A basic division in cooking is North Indian vs. South Indian. Within these forms, there are various sub-types of cooking styles.
                  Web-site Features
                  Angithi Comprehensive; reference guide; tips; user contributions.
                  Bawarchi Comprehensive; glossary; tips; lots of recipes.
                  Bengali Cooking Comprehensive; glossary; background information; lots of recipes.
                  Vegetarian recipes; neatly classified; glossary; chutneys; basic South Indian dishes.
                  Daawat Comprehensive; glossary; weights & measurements; tips; recipes; healthy cooking tips.
                  Death by Curry Search; number of curry recipes; links to other curry sites.
                  Goan Recipes Long page with mostly non-vegetarian recipes.
                  Home Cooking A nicely organised site with lots of vegetarian recipes.
                  Hot Dishes Lots of Indian recipes
                  India Food Guide by chef Sanjeev Kapoor Comprehensive; glossary; weights & measurements; basic techniques; tips; recipes; search.
                  India Tastes Comprehensive; well-categorized; glossary; search; message board.
                  Indian Cooking This is web-site does things differently explaining ingredients and their characteristics. Interesting.
                  Indian Culinary Recipes Vegetarian recipes for basic South & North Indian dishes; desserts & sweets.
                  Indian Delicacies Simple web-site with a few recipes for vegetarian & non-vegetarian dishes and desserts.
                  Indian Recipes Comprehensive; tips; glossary; recipes; search.
                  Indian Vegetarian Recipes for Living Longer The name says it all -- low-fat, no-fat and vegetarian stuff.
                  Karnataka Recipes Some basic stuff; a few vegetarian recipes.
                  Kerala Recipes Glossary; basic Keralite recipes.
                  Punjabi Recipes Another single long page with a few recipes.
                  Recipe Delights Basic tips; neatly organized sections; recipes in Hindi and English; glossary
                  Recipes of India A lot of recipes; all basic stuff; not well organized.
                  Regional Specialties of Cuisine in India Mughlai, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Kashmiri, UP, Rajasthani, Goan & South Indian recipes.
                  Basic South Indian vegetarian dishes.
                  Lots of basic recipes; mostly South Indian; search; glossary.
                  The Curryholics Cult Glossary; tandoori information; chilly scovile ratings; tandoori chicken and other curry recipes.

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